Real Talk: Why I Started a Blog

February 8, 2017

Here's my real talk. I've always wanted to start a blog but convinced myself no one would read it. It's uncomfortable to put yourself out there, right!? But a few things have been happening lately that made me suck it up and take a chance.


1. My Instagram account is getting love. A community is quietly growing on IG of women supporting women and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. Over the past couple months I've been watching my account build and I've developed an amazing network of support and inspiration. It's given me some confidence to build a bigger platform to share. Gulp.

2. I'm working on my inner BOSS BABE. Because momming can be all consuming and it can feel suffocating to serve tiny humans all day long. Because I'm coming to the end of my second year-long maternity leave (thank you, Canada!) but there were some dark days and blogging is something I decided to do for ME before I return to work. Because I'm learning that it's so important to be a happy fulfilled person to role model to your kids. 


3. Creative outlets make me happy. Isn't it great to get older and start to embrace who you actually are? I like my 35 year old self way better than my 20 year old self. I've had time to get to know what I'm about and become unapologetic for the things that make me different.


Yes, I obsess over what the INSIDE of drawers look like (it haunts me in my sleep). Yes, I'm a sucker for all white everything and sometimes colour makes me itchy (that's normal, right?). Yes, I build spreadsheets for my kids wardrobes, FW16, SS17 (say whaa?). I know. But, I'm okay with my crazy.


Mostly, I just really love to share. It brings me energy.




So friends, here it is. My first blog post. I bought a domain on GoDaddy. I built a site on Wix (but I'm thinking about switching to Shopify or WordPress). I got Adobe Photoshop (cause I'm fancy like that) but then learned about Sketch thanks to a girlfriend and it's way easier. I got accepted to (happy day!). I've hired a babysitter once a week to watch the kids so that I can WERK.


Ooh! And here's a sneak peek at some upcoming posts, so definitely stay tuned.



Give me some comment love. I have so many post ideas about traveling with kids (don't do it, JK, no really tho), mom hair and athleisure (all day erryday), and twinning with your mini (can't stop, won't stop). But I'm dying to hear what YOU think.


Be kind. I'm just learning.










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