DIY "You're a Gem" Valentine's Day Cards

February 11, 2017

I nerd out on crafts. Not impressive adult crafts like needlepoint or macrame. I'm talking white-glue sticky fingers kids crafts. So when Valentine's Day rolls around, I bust out the crayons and get down right excited with my toddler.


This year we DIYed "You're a Gem" Valentine's Day cards for his preschool class with these RAD eraser rings from Walmart. The process was equal parts fun and frustrating, like all toddler activities. It went like this:


1. Draft template based on Girl Loves Glam and Hello Splendid fab DIY skills. You can download my not-so-perfect version here.

2. Print out cards and get toddler to colour inside the lines (no).

3. Get toddler to punch 2x holes and get SUPER frustrated when he punches 10.

4. Cut short pieces of string and attach eraser rings. Cue Pinterest WIN.



He got bored after 4 cards so I finished the 18 cards while he watched Paw Patrol. Yep.



So if you're feeling crafty and have low expectations for toddler help, download the print out here and go get it.


Happy Valentine's Day, friends. 








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