Nailing that Family Travel Photo with Flytographer

March 5, 2017

Getting that perfect family photo is basically IMPOSSIBLE. Mom dreams about. Dad dreads doing it. And kids never never cooperate. Every time we travel I always stress about capturing that one photo to look back on and remember the trip with a smile. I never get that unicorn photo. But this time I did!

For our family trip to the West Coast I decided to turn to professionals. Cue Flytographer. I heard about this new company on Dragon's Den that hooks you up with a pro photographer while you travel. Perfect. It’s a flat fee so no awkward negotiating. Amazing. They have a line up of photogs for most big cities so you can find a style that matches your taste. Beautiful. And you get to keep all the digital files. Winning.


You can even request specific shots that you’d like to have, like this one.

And this one.

Ok, so confession. We slept in on photoshoot day. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. My kids do not sleep in and I am never late for anything. But somehow on this day in Vancouver it happened and we almost missed our shoot. I blame the hotel black out blinds and jetlag.

We woke up in our hotel in a panic. There was no time for breakfast. I did not get to do my hair or makeup (*woof* that’s why I’m wearing my toddler’s beanie). A snow storm was in full effect. And we were 15 minutes late for a 30 min shoot. Our photographers Jelger and Tanja were SO kind and patient and managed to get some great shots in the short time we had.

Everything about the Flytographer experience was amazing, except the sleep in mixup. But we all laughed about it after the shoot over breakfast at Starbucks.

And, you guys, I got my unicorn family photo!! I would do it again in HEARTBEAT. Except this time I’d set 3 alarm clocks.






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