DIY Wall Sticker Mural Goes Up in 3hrs... BOOM!

March 14, 2017

Room mini-makeover continues with a rad new wall decal mural. Okay, so I’ve learned that when you have little kids no project ever gets accomplished in a weekend. It takes many many nap times across countless weeks to get to sweet victory. But this one I did in an afternoon. Say whaaa?!


Wall paper intimidates me. But wall decals? That’s just like a sticker! I can do that! And, you guys, the installation of this mural from Simple Shapes was super duper easy.


First I made an inspo board because I just couldn't decide on the design (they have so many to choose from) and I'm a visual person. I settled on the Mountain Mural in Warm Grey from Simple Shapes. Love it.


Package arrived in 6 numbered sheets all ready to install. The pattern repeats every 5 sheets but you can order as few or as many as you need based on the dimensions of your room.

I started at one end of the room with the first sheet of the fabric wallpaper decal, removed a bit of the backing, pressed it lightly at the top, made sure it was level, and then applied the rest of the sheet to the wall. Any bubbles can be smoothed out by hand.


Repeat 5 times. At the end there was a bit of trimming to do with a blade knife and a skimmer, but it was quick and easy. All six sheets installed in under 3 hours (including 2 bum changes and a breastfeeding sesh). And I’m IN LOVE with the result.


The colours change from high contrast bright white in the morning light to a warm glowing grey vista in the afternoon. And it goes so well with our new Modern Burlap throw from Little Bipsy and Lorena Canals Rug from Amélie & Max.

Wall Decal Mural | Lorena Canals Rug | Cross Reversible Throw |

Striped Decorative Pillow | Classic Ride on Push Car



I always loved the look of a statement wall but never felt up to installing wallpaper. This option was so incredibly easy I only wish I had done it months ago!


Considering taking the plunge and getting sticky with it? Hit me up with any questions.


P.S. If you're interested in the sheep blanket that used to hang in his room here, I just posted it on eBay





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