4 Ingredient Green Smoothie That My Kids Actually Drink

March 17, 2017


Every day starts with a green smoothie in our house. I get TONS of questions about this recipe when my cup sneaks into my photos. My kids are reluctant veggie eaters (aren't they all?). So it makes me feel good to know that they’re getting some green in their bodies with the smoothie (even if it’s through trickery). Scroll down for recipe.



Husband is the resident smoothie maker. He used to make them in the morning but life got BUSY with kids. Now we wakes up at 4am to work out before going to the office and that’s too early for noisy blending with sleeping kids. So green smoothies get made the night before and they keep in the fridge until morning. 


Panda Meal Time Set | Cool Kids Never Sleep Pajamas | Similar Smoothie Cup


Fun cups like the Panda meal time set from Naturoco get the kids excited for smoothie time. And I found the tall panda smoothie straw cups at Walmart two years ago and bought THEM ALL. But I've seen similar on Amazon here and here. And in Canada here.



Here’s the recipe:


Approx 2 cups organic frozen mango
Approx 4 cups organic frozen spinach or kale
1 scoop of VEGA ONE Nutritional Shake Powder (French Vanilla) or here in Canada
1L of So Delicious Unsweetened Non Dairy Organic Coconut Milk  


Add all ingredients to blender, starting with greens (it blends easier with the frozen mango chunks at the top). Blend until smooth. Pour into a perfect shaker and keep in fridge overnight. If you’re looking to drink right away you might want to add ice so it’s nice and cold.


I’ve been using VEGA for 10 years. It’s a plant-based protein with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. It suits our family well because we’re *mostly* GF and vegetarian. Cheating happens now and again but it’s a lifestyle choice for us.


Meal Time Set by Naturoco | Eco Heart Black Shirt | Hippie Hat | Cloud Silicone Mat 


Pro tip. I used to buy unwashed fresh kale and then figured out that you can put those pre-washed plastic boxed spinach or kale containers in the freezer. Amazing. Now I buy about 8 of the organic kind every time I got to Costco and freeze them.


You can use any frozen fruit but mango keeps well after blended. Not like banana. And it doesn’t have little seeds like most berries that kids like to spit out. Blueberries work too, but they don’t give a creamy texture like mango.


That’s it. Give me some comment love and let me know if this is helpful! I get asked for my acai smoothie bowl recipe and overnight oats so I could definitely post about those...if there's any interest!






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