6 Things In My Mom Bag Right Now

April 6, 2017



I know there a BAZILLION “in my diaper bag” posts but I love to creep other people’s stuff. And now that I’m a working mom of 2, sometimes I opt for a tote bag instead of the diaper bag if it’s a quick trip to the park or the store. So if you're a creeper like me here’s a sneak inside my mom bag these days:

  1. Prene Bag from Oak & Navy Baby is everything. It’s made from neoprene and it’s the perfect size for a grab and go tote. Plus it’s washable, so winning. I stash a couple diapers and wipes in the mini prene clutch that comes with the bag.

  2. I’m a classic sunglasses kinda girl and the RayBan aviators are my absolute favourites after I crushed Sincerely Jules wearing them a couple years ago (here in Canada). They are Gold frame, Grey Green lenses (they look like a smoke colour in person). Thinking of getting a second pair in this colour for Spring.

  3. Now that I side hustle with my blog I carry around my Macbook with Retina to fill spare minutes (seconds) with photo editing and writing where I can steal them. Keaton just dented my laptop last week while he was “helping” (cue eye roll) so I invested in a marble Laptop Skin  (here in Canada) to protect it, slash hide the dent.

  4. I carry around my Beats By Dre Wireless Headphones (here in Canada) to drown out the world while I work on my laptop. They’re not the noise cancelling kind but they block out most noise and the sound is great.

  5. Bodhi is ALWAYS teething and his latest fetish is biting toes and fingers so I keep a teether close by to keep him happy. 

  6. Yes, I’m *that girl* who can’t leave the house without lip gloss. Current favourite is NARS “Chelsea Girls." It's a soft pink that basically looks good on everyone. Swear.


Oh! And I wear my Adidas Superstars A LOT as you can see in my Insta but these Nikes are my go-to right now cause they’re so bloody comfortable. You can find them here in the US and here in Canada.


You guys, I have so many fun blog post ideas that I can’t wait to share (like how I edit my photos, and things I learned from a kids sleep coach) but ZERO time to write them. Bah!


I’m struggling to find that perfect balance between momming, working and blogging. How do all you mutha hustlers do it?!? I need like 3 more hours in a day (okay, more like 16), and I’m exhausted ALWAYS.







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