Blow Up Your Kids Portraits for BIG Impact Art

April 29, 2017

Honey...I blew up the kids. Ok, not really but I totally turned my favourite kids portraits into giant wall art. And you guys, it turned out SO GOOD! When I found out Artifact Uprising  does high quality Large Format Art Prints, I immediately thought of a sad, blank 10ft wall in my Master Bedroom.


Oh how I love a statement wall, as you can see here and here. So I took to Pinterest and I fell in love with an image from the Chris Loves Julia blog. Totally obsessed. Totally inspired.


First, I picked my 2 favourite portraits of my boys after scrolling through 1000s of photos (camera mama probs). I find that portraits with an all white background work best for this style. No need for a studio... I just used an IKEA LACK table pushed up against a white wall near a window for good light.


Next, I picked the size of my prints. I used painter’s tape to do an outline of the size on the wall to be sure the scale was right. I originally thought I’d go with the 30x40” size but it was too small, so I upsized to 40x60”. Gulp!


You’ll want to pick high res images. Mine were over 5MB. I used my DSLR Canon 5D Mark II to take the photos (which I'm about to trade it for a Sony A6300) and edited with Lightroom and VSCO to sharpen and convert to black and white.

 I uploaded the images to Artifact Uprising and added a 2” white border to give it that museum gallery look. Took a deep breath and clicked "order." Prints arrived in less than a week.

Next job was getting them framed. I called around for quotes and got turned down by Costco (prints were too big), a local framer (prints were too big), then found a big box store to make a custom frame (perfect) that didn’t cost a mint (even better). If your prints are smaller than 40x60" you can order them framed. Winning.

Pro tip, look at framing them with a plain white frame (less expensive and achieves that modern, minimal look). Try acrylic not glass. It will be a wee bit more money and likely won't have UV protection but it’s much lighter (read: easier to hang) and won’t shatter (read: good for wild kids).

Just make sure it’s high quality acrylic so it doesn’t warp.

Framed prints arrived and I literally squealed out of excitement when I first saw them.

Hung them using Togglers (no drilling!) and BOOM!  With installation, my two rules are (1) hang pairs close but not touching (2-3 inches is ideal) and (2) position them lower than you think. The art should hang at about eye level so you can enjoy it! These 2 hover about 5 inches above the baseboard. Perfect.

 I am SUPER happy with the way this project turned out. It looks even better in person! And it has me stalking Artifact Uprising for more ways to print photos and fill up all my white walls. 


Thinking of blowing up your prints? Feel free to hit me up with any questions! I got you.






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