Top Picks for Modern Kid's Back to School

August 14, 2017

Back to school season is here FOR REAL. It will be my son's first day of school ever (cue ugly cry). Silver lining is that I get to shop for all the modern and fun B2S gear. I'm a minimalist at heart, so I definitely like to buy fewer items that are high quality and built to last. So here's my round up for the modern kid's gear guide. Happy shopping, friends!



 1. State Mini Kane Backpack ($69 at Little Minimalist) Backpack is the quintessential back to school item. Every store has a million to choose from, but my favourite of all is the Mini Kane by State. It's the PERFECT size, not too big, not too small. It's really high quality and stands up to wear and tear. And the styles are great. I got the black one but the gold and silver were so tempting.


 2. PlanetBox Lunch Box ($79 at Amazon) Most schools in my area have zero waste lunches (yay for the next gen) so I set out to find the best lunch box that will LAST. Instead of fiddling with lots of tiny tupperware, PlanetBox does it right with a no-nonsense bento box style. Kids just open and eat. The rover box has lots of compartments, great for small servings of a wide variety of foods. And it's dishwasher safe. Heck yeah. They also sell a smaller Shuttle Box and a larger Launch Box for teens and adults.



3. LifeFactory 12oz Flip Cap Water Bottle ($24 at Target) Super durable and nice to look at, these glass water bottles are pure taste with no leaching from plastics. The glass is protected with silicone so no breaking. Cause let's face it, kids are into breaking stuff. The flip cap closes up tight so no leaking in backpacks. And they come in fresh modern colors.



4. Madsen Bike ($1,975 direct from Madsen Cycles) Real talk: I have been CRUSHING HARD on these cargo bikes for a long time. They are so fun, practical and perfect for school drop offs in style. I just ordered one (I originally wanted white but my husband talked me into the black beauty) and I'm so stoked to get it. It comes with 4 lap belts and a bench for seating. Throw in all the stuff you need and *ding ding* ready to roll out.


 5. Bell Youth Segment Jr Helmet ($25 - $50 at Amazon) Cause it's so hard to find a good looking classic helmet. Bell just does it right. Available in tons of rad colors (or my personal fave, the skully) and in gloss or matte. Win.




6. Micro Maxi Scooter ($129 at Amazon) Back to school is a perfect time to get started on a scooter and the Micro Maxi is best in class. High quality, a smooth glide, and adjustable to grow with age. I bought the black but they have a new silver that is FAB. Micro Maxi is designed for kids 6 to 10 years old, but my 3 year old has no trouble at the smallest setting and is lightning fast on it. They also sell a Micro Mini ($79 at Amazon) designed for ages 3 to 5 but it isn't adjustable to grow with age. Be warned.



7. Zipit Pencil Case Pouches ($8 at Amazon) These super fun monster pouches are great for pencil cases and money pouches for school. You can find them here in Canada.



8. Classic Yellow Rain Coat ($20 to $60 at different retailers, click images above). Kids going off to school in a little yellow rain coat MELTS MY HEART. There's something just so classic about it. Here are a few great options, but the one by Hatley is definitely a top pick.



9. Custom Name Labels by Mabel's Labels (Prices vary depending on order) Basically everything you send off to school needs to have a label, and Mabel's Labels has made it so crazy easy to personalize with their label packs. You can customize whatever size label you'd like online, choose your color, icon and even font, click order and wait for your personalized goodies to arrive. To go monochrome try selecting the "Middle School Label Pack." You're welcome.



10. HUBBLE + DUKE Gumboots ($64 at the Little Minimalist)  Rain boots are a MUST HAVE for back to school. I'm trying out a new brand this year called HUBBLE + DUKE because their little gumboots are full of style and built to last. They're also releasing an adult collection soon so you can twin with your mini. Current colors available are black, rose and mustard yellow.

11. Adidas Toddler Sneakers ($40 - $60 at Amazon) These sneakers are classic for a reason. Top marks for form and function. Easy on-and-off Velcro closure means my 3 year old can put them on "by mine own self." These babies are built to last and DO NOT fall off. Both my kids have the Superstars and Stan Smiths. Extra points cause momma can twin with your mini (sorry, I just can't help myself with the matchy matchy). 





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