Dreamy Bedroom Makeover with 6 Mini Projects

December 20, 2017

Master bedroom gets a makeover and it's full of cool soothing greys. I took on 6 mini projects this year to make this space feel bright and modern but also super functional for our lifestyle. Read on to see my adventures in installing a huge mural, upping my pillowscape, DIY'ing a luxe jewelry drawer, and more.

I always start my projects with a Pinterest board and then I build a custom inspiration board with items I've picked for the space. It helps me plan out the room and make sure all the elements and colours work together. I use Google Docs but any program that lets you copy + paste images will do.

1. Custom Watercolor Mural from Anewall 

First let's talk about this amazing mural. It's a watercolor mural from Anewall that's custom fit to my room dimensions. The best part? It's made from a self-adhesive vinyl. No time consuming wallpapering. Just peel, stick and smooth. Anewall's beautiful designs are all over Pinterest and I fell HARD for the watercolor design in grey. I installed it upside down for dramatic effect. 

It took me and my father-in-law about 2 hours to hang. The sheets arrive just like wallpaper and are numbered left to right for easy installation. Peel the back, make sure it's level, stick to the wall and smooth. If it's not perfect just gently pull off and reapply. I'm sure there are fancy tools, but I grabbed one of my kid's foam blocks to smooth and it worked perfect.

The bed frame covers some of the airy splash design but the overall effect is so stunning. Anewall was super helpful with measurements and getting my custom order just right!


2. Jewelry Organization Drawer DIY 

I've always wanted a nice organized place for my jewelry. If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a bit of a jewelry whore (evidence: here and here and here). I've tried storing my loot in boxes but I never get a great view of all the pieces.

So I decided to turn one of my IKEA dresser drawers into a DIY jewelry display! Brilliant. I purchased inserts from Amazon to get a custom fit. I wanted a soft grey (of course) and the only supplier came from China. I agonized for weeks on whether to order or not and finally took the leap.


I used three small ring trays across the front which work great not only for rings but also lining up delicate necklaces and bracelets. I added a watch/bracelet organizer on the left, which also fits chunky cuffs. A necklace tray on the right competes the layout. The necklace tray doesn't exactly match the others so I'm thinking of switching for this one. It took 3 or 4 weeks to arrive but it's so worth it! Total cost was just over $100 including shipping.


3. Upping My Pillow Game with Tonic Living

Ooh, the pillows turned out SO GREAT. The show stoppers in the front are from Tonic Living. They have so many beautifully modern textile patterns it was seriously hard to choose.

I'm a sucker for stripes so I went with the Toulouse Onyx (extra long) for the lumbar in the front and three Simple Stripe Grey + White. They play so well all together.

These pillows are LUXURY. The fabric has a beautiful texture and the down fill gives that perfect "over stuff" look perfect for the karate chop down the middle. These pillows are identical to those found in high end shops but for a quarter of the price. Plus they're made by a family-owned business in Canada that I first discovered in House & Home magazine. Shipping was FAST and arrived within a few days of ordering online. Love that.

We have a king size bed so I finished off the pillowscape with a few down king sleeping pillows and three Euro square down pillows in the back.


 4. Finding the Perfect Rug with RugsUSA

Rug shopping is not easy. I swear it's so hard to find simple good quality rugs. SO HARD. Enter RugsUSA. I partnered with them on this project and was originally drawn to the Textures Braided Rug. It's light and adds depth to the room (and is so Instagramable, check out a shot on my Insta here) but I ordered it too small. Whomp. 

In the end I settled on the Keno Moroccan Shag rug in 10 x 14 (shown above) and couldn't be happier. It's a high quality low shag rug that looks so beautiful in the space. It feels amazing under foot and doesn't shed at all. Plus it adds interest to the room without being too busy and detracting from the mural. 


5. IKEA Dressers Get a Face Lift with New Hardware

IKEA MALM dressers are EVERYWHERE. And when we first moved into our house two years ago we needed storage ASAP and the modern, understated MALM 6-drawer dresser scratched that itch. But I always felt like they needed something extra.

I decided to add some polish with chunky modern chrome hardware. I made a paper template for drilling holes so that I could easily repeat on each drawer. Before you drill, use masking tape to mark placement and prevent chipping of the melamine surface.

Bedside reading lights are a chrome swing arm lamp from Lowes. Art is from Honeymoon Hotel.


6. Blown Up Kids Portraits with Artifact Uprising

I get lots of questions about my larger than life kids portraits. They were a project from earlier this year with Artifact Uprising and I'm still so in love. See the full blog post here.

I'm thinking of installing some chrome picture lights just above to give them more prominence in the room. Note this photo was taken with the gorgeous-but-too-small rug mentioned above.

That's a wrap on the bedroom. I still feel like it needs a chandelier over the bed (like Jillian Harris did in hers) and some chrome picture lights over the kids portraits. I need a good electrician in my life, LOL.

Dying to hear what you think. I seriously love getting feedback from you all on my projects. Should I add a chandelier? Or an upholstered bench to the end of the bed?  Do you want a peek inside my closet? Lemme know :)






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Dreamy Bedroom Makeover with 6 Mini Projects

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